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Hello from me, Ed and Ece (from Khosla) and Sam (Quazel co-founder)!

Why we started Quazel

‍That's why at Quazel, our north star is not only to offer conversations with an AI conversation partner, but to recreate and improve the experience of having a human language tutor sitting right next to you, lending a helping hand whenever you need it.

How Khosla Ventures is helping us take it to the next level

To achieve that goal, I’m excited to tell you that we have completed our Seed round and have raised $1.5M 🙌 Together with Khosla Ventures, we believe we can reach our goal and make personalised and individual tutoring available to everyone!

‍What’s even more thrilling is to see that our users really like what we have built so far. Even in our earliest prototype phase, 50.000 people gave it a try within 2 days! This stat is still mind-boggling to all of us founders.

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50,000 people tried the app and told us their opinion

Thanks to all our early users and supporters! You’ll love what we have planned for you!


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